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What Is? series

You’ve heard more video terms than you even know.

Facebook claims it will be mostly video in a year or two. Instagram added video 2 years ago. We have video pop-ups, video web banners, and even Spotify (a MUSIC platform) makes you watch ‘short videos’ when you are listening to music. Needless to say, the beast is awake and it’s hungry.

Because of this, you’ve probably heard more video terms than you even realize. Maybe some you understand, and some you don’t. Maybe some terms you think you know, but in reality, you don’t. Maybe, you didn’t even REALIZE some of these words are video term.

That is what this series is for. I want to cut through all the marketing dollars and buzz words to tell you what is and isn’t import in the video world, and how it pertains to outdoor media. There is often a technical explanation, but I will make sure to give you the easy explanation alongside the (maybe) confusing one.

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