Marc Leonard – ROVE Director

A native Vermonter growing up in a resort ski town, son of a college ski coach, I spent my weekends shooting skiing with my friends. Watching many of my friends become professional skiers and snowboarders – I decided to take the media route. However, my strong affection for the outdoors has never faded – it has only grown.

Moving westward, climbing and mountain biking joined my repertoire. Just as I have enjoyed the opportunity to explore new places, my goal is to share that sense of adventure with the world.

Now with a decade of shooting and post-production experience, I’ve seen a lot. From big budget film and television, to web video, advertising, and brand work, I’ve run the gamut. 

This is why I created ROVE.

I am taking everything I’ve learned and funneling my creativity to the outdoor media landscape – where my heart is. 

Video is something that has changed the way we perceive the world, and that’s something I try to remember with every piece I craft. Whether it be branded content, documentary, or narrative – as a storyteller, it is my goal for the viewer to not just to see something, but feel it through compelling visuals and smart editing. I do the work I do for the love of the outdoors and the desire to share it with the world.